Commercial Snow Removal

Anyone that has spent a winter in Ontario understands the drastic effect a snowfall can have on a business’s capability to operate at its full potential.  Whether it’s limited customer parking, the inability to access doors and entranceways, or inaccessible shipping bays, an Ontario winter can shut down a business overnight.

Lawn Lions Property Maintenance has a fleet of snow removal machines and a staff to operate them around the clock if needed.  We are fully insured and bonded.

A snow removal contract with Lawn Lions ensures that you won’t have to experience the detrimental effects of a harsh Canadian winter on your business or commercial property! 

Our Commercial Snow Removal services include:

Snow Removal


We provide timely and efficient snow removal of walkways, driveways, small and larger parking lots, and other outdoor spaces. We utilize a variety of equipment, including hand shovelling, skid steers, plough trucks, tractors, and loaders. As the winter progresses, snow can build up restricting the use of space on your property. We also remove snow from your property upon request.


  • Time-saving services to ensure your snow is removed safely and efficiently
  • Reduces risk of slips and falls
  • Protects your property, staff, customers and/or renters.

Grounds Salting & De-Icing


Prepare your commercial property for the winter and ensure safety and security through ground salting and de-icing services. We de-ice according to your specifications and offer salting done by hand and with small and large salt trucks. To save money and protect the environment we also offer a sand/salt mix.


  • Reduces risk of slips and falls
  • Protects your property, staff, customers and/or renters.

Salt Bin Rentals

Salt-bin rentals


With our salt-bin rentals, you can prepare your commercial property for the winter months. With our onsite salt-bins you will have a reserve of salt on your grounds for those surprise snow falls.


  • Built-in safety, security and protection during the winter months

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Commercial Landscaping

A well maintained property ensures that a company is on top of things and that they care, not only about their bottom line, but about their company as a whole—including their reputation among colleagues and customers alike.

Lawn Lions provides a full range of commercial landscaping services, and can customize a plan to suit your businesses needs and budget.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Commercial property maintenance services vary in scope, but ultimately come down to a property managers priorities, budget and needs.

Lawn Lions has a long list of commercial clients whose needs we meet on a daily basis with customized solutions which meet their particular needs, including:

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