Residential Grounds Maintenance

It’s no secret that the grass won’t stop growing just because you have a busy week, or you’re on vacation.

Our grounds maintenance services ensure that your lawn is well looked after year-round by one of our lawn care professionals.


Our Commercial Grounds Maintenance services include:

Core Aeration


Grass needs oxygen, water and nutrients to thrive and healthy soil has pockets of air to allow these essential elements to reach the roots of grass. However, soil can become compacted over time and places with heavy foot traffic or clay soils are highest at risk.

Core aeration is the process of removing small amounts of both thatch and soil from your lawn in an effort to improve natural soil aeration.

We recommend aerating in late spring or early fall.


  • Grass is healthier, thicker and more lush in appearance
  • Reduces the growth of moss and some weeds
  • Provides a healthy environment for helpful insect populations (e.g., worms)



Lawn thatch is organic material that builds up naturally on a lawn and can be protective at moderate levels. However, excessive thatch build-up holds water and can reduce oxygen supply and increase problematic insect populations.

Dethatching is a mechanical process where both the surface and subsurface of the soil is penetrated by metal blades or prongs. Typically performed by machines, our process helps your grass grow stronger and healthier.

We recommend dethatching in late spring or early fall.


  • Promotes the growth and health of grass
  • Reduces problematic insect populations

Lawn Rolling


Lawn rolling is the practice of firming the ground in order to remove imperfections (lumps or depressions) and push in grass roots. Although the practice of lawn rolling has been controversial, if done correctly, it is a helpful rather than a harmful practice.

We recommend rolling your lawn after seeding, sodding or dethatching to aid in optimal grass root growth. We use lightweight machines that will not damage your lawn, and recommend that you have your lawn done in the late spring or early fall when the ground is damp and not excessively dry or sodden.


  • Removes imperfections
  • Pushes grass roots into the ground to aid in growth

Grass Cutting


Grass cutting is an important part of lawn care. Aesthetically, grass cutting ensures a smooth and well-manicured lawn. Additionally, grass cutting helps keep a lawn healthy and free of debris.

Weather, seasons and grass types affect cutting patterns, and incorrectly mowed grass is the most common cause of an unhealthy lawn.

We recommend cutting your lawn weekly in order to maintain an optimal grass height of approximately 3 inches. If grass is cut too short it can weaken the roots making it vulnerable to burning, disease, and weeds. When grass is allowed to grow too long due to infrequent cutting then it is at higher risk for pests (e.g., mosquitos and snakes) and disease.

We have a variety of lawn mowers to suit the size and needs of your property. We keep our blades sharp in order to reduce the risk of bruising the grass.


  • Creates and maintains a healthy, lush lawn
  • Reduces risk or burning, disease, weeds, and problematic pest populations 

Top Dressing


Top dressing the lawn is the act of adding very fine layer of nutrient rich top soil, muck, and peat moss to the lawn surface.

Our top dressing service helps promote grass growth by improving the quality and pH level of the soil. It can make your grass more resistant to drought and disease. Furthermore, top dressing improves the appearance of the lawn by smoothing and evening out the surface.


  • Promotes grass growth and health
  • Increases resistance to drought and disease

Over Seeding


Overseeding is the practice of spreading new grass seed over an existing lawn. As grass ages the reproduction rate slows resulting in the lawn looking tired and sparse. This invites weed growth and increases the risk of lawn diseases. Overseeding is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the health and quality of your grass.


  • Promotes a thick, healthy lawn
  • Repairs damage and revitalizes lawn appearance
  • Reduces risk of weeds and disease



Fertilization supplies grass with the essential elements needed for health and growth, including:

  • nitrogen (thickens and enhances colour of grass),
  • phosphorous (enhances root growth),
  • and potassium (reduces risk of disease).

Proper application is key for a healthy and nutrient rich lawn. We recommend that fertilizer be applied by a professional and be done four times a year: early spring, late spring, mid to late summer and fall.


  • Creates and maintains a healthy, thick lawn
  • Reduces risk of weeds and disease
  • Improves lawn appearance

Related Services

Residential Landscaping

As beautiful as nature is, it has no boundaries.  This can often lead to bushes, shrubs and trees that have grown past their “visual prime” and need to be cut back and manicured to suit the personality of you and your property.

Lawn Lions’ landscape professionals will work with you to design a property that you love and that matches the style of your home and your desired “look”.

Once we’ve crafted your property, we’re available to maintain it 24/7 year-round, leaving you to enjoy what mother nature intended you to.

Residential Snow Removal

Ontario winters are difficult and many homeowners know the challenge of clearing their walkways and driveways of snow. Let our professional staff do the hard work for you.

We offer seasonal winter contracts from the beginning of November to the end of March ensuring that your property will be cleared any time snow accumulates more than 5cm.

Lawn Lions Property Maintenance has a fleet of snow removal equipment and a staff to operate them around the clock if needed. We are fully insured and bonded.

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